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Tires for your Car or Truck


Tires & Wheels: Tire Rotation

Tires Rome NY

Description: Tire rotation refers to the regular practice of switching the position of each tire on the car.

Purpose: Tire rotation helps to equalize tread wear and is critical to gain the maximum life from your tire investment.

Maintenance Tips/Suggestions: Refer to your owner's manual for the recommended rotation interval and pattern; generally a rotation interval of 6,000 miles is recommended. The rotation pattern varies with different makes and models, which shows the tire locations during rotation. Some vehicles have different size tires on the front and back or directional tires. This limits the locations that a tire may take on the vehicle. When in doubt, check the owner's manual or consult a professional technician at Dan's Auto Service for guidance. Tire rotation time also offers a good opportunity to have the tires and wheels balanced. It's another step you can take to maximize your tire investment.


Troubleshooting Tires

Keep an eye out for these common signs that you may need new tires or service. If your vehicle exhibits any of these symptoms, Bring it in for us to look at:

  • When driving, your car pulls to one side or the other.

  • You notice rhythmic vibrations.

  • Your tires are wearing unevenly.

  • Your tires won't maintain proper air pressure.

  • Shakes at Highway Speed

  • Low speed wobble in wheel


We Sell Tires At Cost!

Watch this video to discover how you can buy Tires at Cost from Dan's Auto Service!

Tires At Cost New York


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What do those numbers on your tires represent?


Search tires by vehicle: How to find your version/option

Version/option can affect your tire size. It should be located on an information placard in your vehicle. In vehicles made after 2005, this placard will be located in the driver's side door. In older vehicles, the placard may be located instead in the rear passenger doorjamb, fuel filler, glove box or center console, or engine compartment. For example, the version/option of a Honda Accord EX V6 is EX V6.

--- OR ---

Metric, or tire type, defines the proper use of the tire. For example, a "P" designation means that it is a passenger car tire. An "LT" designation is for a light truck.


Tire width is the width of the tire measured in mm from sidewall to sidewall. This tire width is 215 mm.


Rim diameter is the width in inches or cm of the wheel from one end to the other. The diameter of this wheel is 16 in.


Speed rating tells you the maximum service speed for a tire. A speed rating isn't a recommendation to exceed speed limits, and doesn't indicate how well a tire handles or corners. Learn more about tire Speed Ratings.

tire size for car or truck

Aspect ratio is the ratio of the height of the tire's cross-section to its width. On our example, 60 means that the height is equal to 60% of the tire's width.


Construction tells you how the layers of the tire were put together. "R" stands for radial, which means the layers run radially across the tire. "B" stands for bias construction, which means that the layers run diagonally across the tire.


Load index is an assigned number that corresponds with the load-carrying capacity of a tire. Most passenger car tire load indexes range from 75 to 100, but a few carry more. You'll also find the maximum load elsewhere on the tire sidewall, both in lbs and kg. Learn more about tire load index.


above chart from:


Servicing all of your tire needs from tire repair or replacement to wheel alignment, tire balancing, and rotation. While we are servicing your tires, we can inspect your brakes and suspension


Here at Dan's Auto Service, we offer a wide range of tires for your vehicle. Let our professionals help you find the right tires for your car.


Improve your vehicle's handling, increase tire life, and drive with safety by checking your tires every month to insure that they are inflated with the right amount of air pressure.



Tire Service At Danís Auto Service In Taberg

For most car owners buying tires in Taberg is a big deal, so consult with your considerate Danís Auto Service tire professional about proper size, type and grade for your driving needs. Dan's can help you balance load requirements, fuel efficiency, performance, durability and cost.Tire Mounting Taberg NY

When buying new tires in Taberg, itís best to replace both tires on the same axle in order to keep the rolling diameter as close as possible.

Taberg car owners with four-wheel-drive vehicles should replace all four tires at the same time because you can run into problems if the tires have different rolling diameters due to wear or different type of tire. Four wheel drive vehicles should have all tires very close to the same rolling diameter to avoid binding and wheel hop between the front and rear axles.

Also, New York tire manufacturers recommend that if you are buying just two new tires that they be installed on the rear for safer slippery road traction Ė regardless of which wheels drive the vehicle. Danís Auto Service in Taberg has you covered for all of your tire needs including tire repair, tire mounting, Wheel balancing, and Wheel alignment. We also provide Brakes, Oil Change, Shocks and Struts, and Exhaust.



Selecting Tires


I need new tires. How do I know which tires to get?

Danís Auto Service Answer:
Letís look at selecting new tires in light of three factors: Function, Fit, and Value.

Function: This gets at what your needs are for new tires: New York weather conditions, Rome terrain, Taberg temperatures, tires Rome NY

Most new family vehicles in New York come with all-season tires. They can be used all year long and do pretty well in most New York road conditions Ė but they arenít ideal at the extremes.

Winter tires have a more aggressive tread for handling snow and ice on interstates and they have a rubber compound that helps them have better traction as Taberg temperatures drop below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Definitely better stopping and road-holding characteristics for Taberg motorists than all-season tires in winter weather. Dedicated summer tires enhance warm New York weather performance driving for Taberg drivers.

If you drive off-road around Rome, there is a spectrum of tires from all-terrain (a good mix of highway and off-road capability) to dedicated off-road tires.

The key is to speak with your Danís Auto Service tire professional and look at the function you need to get the type of tire, load rating, speed rating and wear rating you need.

Fit: The easiest thing is to pick tires in the same size that were installed by the vehicle manufacturer. If you want a different size wheel or tire profile, be sure to work with your Danís Auto Service service advisor so you can make sure that your new wheels and tires fit properly and donít rub in bumps or turns. Itís also important to make sure that important safety systems like anti-lock brakes, stability control and traction control arenít adversely affected by the new tire size (the computer may need to be recalibrated to make necessary vital adjustments).

Value: Note, I didnít say price. The tire that meets all your needs AND has the warranty and tread life you expect will generally not be the least expensive option Ė but it may well return the best value for your tire dollar.

Danís Auto Service tire professionals help Taberg drivers with this critical automotive decision.






Danís Auto Service Tech Question:
My name is Dan. My car tires wore out early and I had to replace them. What can I do to make my tires last longer?

Danís Auto Service Answer:
Danís problem Ė premature tire wear Ė is very common for Taberg auto owners. Here are several ways to lengthen the life of your tires:tire tread wear

First, tires lose air pressure over time, so check them at least once a month and fill them up as necessary. A sticker on the driverís side door jamb has the recommended pressure.

Tire rotation is also vital for New York auto owners. Your front tires take the brunt of stopping and steering forces so they wear faster than the rear tires. They should be rotated regularly so that all four tires wear more evenly. Talk to us at Danís Auto Service in Taberg.

Out of balance wheels can also cause a tire to wear too fast. Taberg auto owners who feel a vibration in their seat or steering wheel may have a wheel out of balance.

Finally, bad wheel alignment and worn or damaged suspension can chew through a tire very quickly. Ask your considerate Danís Auto Service service specialist to have your tires inspected for signs of premature wear. Your service specialist will be able to pinpoint the cause and get it taken care of.





What is the benefit of winter tires?

Danís Auto Service Answer:
This is a really good question. Most new vehicles in Taberg come with all-season tires that work pretty well in the Rome NY winter conditions many drivers encounter. First, letís talk about the things that dedicated winter tires do really well, touch on all-seasons and then you should have some information to help you in your tire selection.

The first thing about winter is that itís cold. The rubber compound used in summer and all-season tires gets a bit hard when New York temperatures drop below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter tires, on the other hand, stay more pliable as the thermometer drops in Rome. This means better dry road traction in the cold.

Winter snow TiresIce and snow is the next thing Taberg car owners worry about during New York winters. Now some New York auto owners live where there is a lot of snow, a lot of the time. Extreme winter condition snow tires have a tread design that cuts into and expels deep snow for maximum traction. These tires have a mountain and snowflake icon on the sidewall of the tire.

If you live in New York where the ice and snow are more moderate you can still benefit from winter tires. Their tread has many small ďcutsĒ called sipes that really help them get a grip on ice.

Now, all-season tires are a year-round compromise between high summer performance and high winter performance. They just donít handle either extreme as well as do dedicated summer or winter tires for New York driving. For example, winter tires offer 25% to 50% more traction than all-season tires. And studies have shown that all-season tires can take upwards of 40% longer to stop than winter tires. This could be enough difference to prevent getting stuck or in an accident.

So whatís best for you? You can meet with your Danís Auto Service tire professional and look at the conditions in which you drive in New York throughout the year and how critical performance is to you. For many Taberg car owners that put a premium on handling performance, dedicated summer tires in summer and dedicated winter tires in the winter (for cold as well as ice and snow) are what they need to satisfy their performance needs. Danís Auto Service will mount different tires depending on the season.

Your considerate Danís Auto Service tire professional can help you settle upon a great all-season tire if that is what best suits your needs. No matter which route you take, remember that quality tires are not immune to the laws of physics Ė so itís important to drive safely in all Rome NY road conditions.




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